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2 September 2022

Off The Tracks Festival

Performing on the Black Barn Stage at 9pm. Tickets are available from HERE.

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What some very nice people have said about my music ….

“…. a cracking album!“


“…. just played Emily's EP CD. Really good - something of Joni Mitchell about her sound !”


“I listened to your album and thought it was fantastic. Not just one or two but every song was well structured, performed and delivered.  The production was great and instrumentation was just right. It has been a long time since I've heard such great songs by an unknown writer.”


“.... this is beautiful music and my soul feels hugged. Thank you.”

".... it's superb. This is a really professional production and contains no 'fillers'. The title track is superb. Lovely writing and performing."

"I'm smitten. Her voice will break your heart, her songs are timeless they don't belong to any particular genre they're just honest, songs straight from the heart. There's a purity, a vulnerability, a beautiful, refreshing lack of cynicism about Emily's songs that you can bury yourself in while the world goes to hell in a handcart."


"to be honest Emily could sing the Yellow Pages and make it sound beautiful & heartbreaking."

(About "It's Just Love") - "You’ll think of one iconic singer before making it 10 seconds into this track; Taylor Swift. Emily Lockett has crafted a really intriguing pop song here about love and acceptance. Anyone who endured those difficult, conflicted teen years can relate to this sound. The quality on the vocal is undeniable. Lockett is a songwriter to follow."

(About "My Memory") - "If you enjoy acoustic singer songwriters, Emily Lockett is definitely someone you’ll want to hear. She has a vocal sincerity about her that is really endearing. The song is vivid and richly written. Take it serious because this is not bubblegum pop; it’s serious, thoughtful music.

(About "Nice Eyes") - "This is such a sweet song, you can tell it is sourced from the heart with its intended target another similarly shaped organ. Neatly played, tunefully too and this is a singer who has a masters in being herself on record, so every word rings true. At times the song got to me and that is a rare gift .... I know there will be even better coming down the tracks before too long."

(About "Nice Eyes" & "Feel Love") - both voted record of the week on The Green Room (radio show) on BRFM (95.6FM).

(Richer Unsigned) - "This talented singer ... has a writing style well beyond her years. Emily’s delicate-yet-powerful voice beautifully delivers heartfelt and earnest lyrics about love and longing, with a lot of care and attention put into impactful choruses and stellar harmonies. With tasteful production that walks a line between folk and more modern pop techniques, highlighted especially well in our favourite song “Where We Left Off”, Emily is definitely one to watch!" 

(About "Nice Eyes") - Great opening number from someone who has obvious talent and will be a shame if we don't hear more from. Nice one and thumbs up from The Unsigned Uprising.

"a very beautiful voice, great talent, and nice production. You have a niche on an almost lost art."

"The wonderful Emily Lockett performed recently at Devizes AMC. Very much one to watch. Exceptional voice and a great young Song-writer. Highly recommend for any venue looking for a great night of music."

(About "Front Porch") ... offers listeners a gorgeous new sound from Emily as she continues to push boundaries with her music and incorporate a fusion of crossover sonic stylistics into her musical output and with the brilliant pop/rock addition overlaying the classic country sounds ‘Front Porch’ is a brilliant eclectic release. 

(About "Front Porch") Throw your preconceptions out of the window before you hit play on Emily Lockett’s upcoming Country single “Front Porch”. With a stunning modernist twist, Emily has allowed the genre to make a seismic shift in contemporary resonance. The electric guitars grace the soundscape with angularly absorbing licks to ensure that even though Front Porch is roots-deep in Old School Country Blues attitude, it drips with commercial potential. I can’t help but feel excited about what’s to come from the trailblazingly distinctive artist. Get her on your radar.

(About "Front Porch") This song is an island in the sea of break up songs. It’s neither a revenge anthem nor a ballad of heartbreak, and Lockett’s powerful vocal is both youthful and emotive. The driving guitars move the song along, turning what could be a self-pitying wallow-fest into something intensely, toe-tappingly catchy.

(About "Front Porch") Delightful Taylor Swift ‘Speak Now’ era vibes. Strong melodies, strong harmonies make this a great listen. Sharp storytelling augmented by those SwiftVocals - well worth a listen.

(Live performance) "Emily's guitar playing is confident and expressive – lyrically she’s in the Maisie Peters / Taylor Swift camp of angsty relationship experiences’ but she’s growing into her own style and voice too, with songs like “Do You Wanna Go Out ?” about the acknowledged teenage frustration of lockdown. While her main target audience might eventually be a teenage crowd tonight’s significantly older audience warmly received her self-effacing humour and strong performance. One to watch."

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